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Yale Law School

Posted by in , on 3-11-13

Yale Law School

Yale Law School Rankings:

#1 – Overall Rankings

#200 – Overall Cost ($52,525) only two schools rank higher (Columbia and Cornell) See Law Schools ranked by Tuition

#201 – Acceptance Rate Ranking (Yale Law School is the most difficult law school to be accepted at)

Yale Law School has been ranked the number one law school in the country every year by U.S. News and World Report since the magazine has published law school rankings.

The school’s small size and prestige makes its admissions process the most selective of any law school in the United States.  Yale’s commitment to have most admission decisions made by the faculty and use of holistic numerical scoring differs from many top schools.

Presidents Graduating from Yale Law School

Presidents Graduating from Yale University

Other Noteworthy Graduates of Yale Law School

Three of the current nine members of the United States Supreme Court attended Yale Law School:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State

Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr., current and 39th Governor of California and California’s 34th Governor (1975–1983)

William F. Buckley (B.A. 1950), political pundit, founder of the National Review, host of public affairs television show Firing Line

Garry Trudeau (B.A. 1970, M.F.A. 1973), Doonesbury cartoonist

James Fenimore Cooper (Class of 1805*), author of The Last of the Mohicans

Yale Law School Reviews

Yale Law School has long been recognized for having the best J.D. program in America. Small in size, the prestigious institution has produced a number of formidable alumni including President Gerald Ford, President Bill Clinton, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The history of the school dates all the way back to the early 1800’s in the office of local lawyer, Seth Staples. Staples’ office attracted so many students eager to learn law that it eventually became known as the New Haven Law School. By 1843, the school had been absorbed and renamed by nearby Yale University. Soon afterwards, the school established its reputation in legal scholarship and spawned the legal realism movement. Today, it is a renowned center for both private and public law, with the highest percentage of graduates to serve in the Supreme Court of any law school in the nation.

Yale Law School has the most competitive admissions process in the country. For every class enrolled in the 3-year J.D. program there are roughly 200 students– less than half of the number of students enrolled at Harvard Law School. The median starting salary for a graduate in the private sector is $102,000. Between the competitive admissions and potential starting salary, it’s not surprising that applicants must stand out if they wish to be accepted. This can be accomplished by an applicant having at least the average LSAT score of enrolled students, which is 173, and a GPA of 3.9. For an application to really shine, a student must also use the 250 word application essay to illustrate either that they are a self-starter or how they plan to use their legal career to pursue their passion.

Every fall, more than 150 of the nation’s best law firms actively recruit the members of the upcoming year’s graduating class. Top-tier firms like Cravath, Swaine & Moore are known to compete aggressively for Yale Law School students. The employment rate of each graduating class is around 99% and while many students choose to work in the private sector at famed firms around the country, a considerable number of students end up pursuing clerkships or government work.

The cost of tuition per year at Yale Law School is $52,400. Once the other expenses of administrative fees, room and board, books, and hospitalization fees are factored in, the annual total becomes $74,790. As that the J.D. program is three years long, the average law student will have spent $224,370 by the end of their education. While somewhat high-priced, graduates go on to make good money. The median mid-career annual pay for a graduate is $168,000, making it a degree with one of the highest returns in the country. Between the earning potential and the door-opening prestige, a J.D. from Yale is an expensive investment well worth the price.

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