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Law School Rankings 2014

Law School Rankings 2014

Law School Rankings 2014

The Law School Rankings 2014 have recently been released, and once again Yale Law School is number one and Harvard Law School is number two. Yale and Harvard have been at the top of the list for several years running, and for good reason. If you are interested in being accepted to one of these elite schools, you will need to bring your A game and follow these three tips that we have discovered to improve your chance for admittance into these top tier law schools.

Make Your Personal Essay Stand Out From the Rest
The personal essay is one of the best chances you have to really let the prospective law schools know who you are and why you are a great fit. Do not wait until the last minute to write this, put a lot of thought and personal voice into it. Tell your story, including how you got interested in law, why you want to go to Harvard or Yale, and what you hope to do with your life post law school. With the law school rankings 2014 out now and Yale and Harvard being on top, there will be many applicants vying for the 200-400 open spots. Getting into the school will require you making yourself memorable through your personal essay.

Major in A Rigorous Undergraduate Field
Many believe that a degree in criminal justice is a good foundation for going to law school. The elite law schools disagree. They prefer students who majored in philosophy or political science or something that they consider more research based. Diversity is key when it comes to getting accepted into a top law school, so if this is your goal you should diversify your undergraduate profile. Choosing a complimentary minor, one that shows you are well rounded and academic, will also boost your standing in the eyes of the admissions office.

Keep Your Grades in an Upward Pattern
Maybe you are reading this and realizing that you may not be able to get into a top ranked law school because you did poorly in your first year of college. If this is the case, take heart. If you managed to boost your grades after the first year and they stayed there, you will still be a good candidate for admittance. Focus on getting the best grades possible now, and do not worry about what happened in the past.

The law school rankings 2014, while almost exactly the same as the previous several years, show us how excellent Yale Law and Harvard Law schools are. In order to gain admittance you need to really apply yourself, get good grades, and plan to do well on the LSAT. These, in combination with the above tips, will give you your best shot at becoming a student at a top ranked law school.

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