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How to Find a Law School

How to Find a Law School

How to Find a Law School

Applying to law school is laborious and often nerve-wracking. To make this process as smooth as possible, know exactly what you’re looking for in a law school and what you must do to earn admission into such an institution.

Most law schools have similar requirements when it comes to getting accepted. You’ll need a high undergraduate grade point average. You’ll have to demonstrate that you’ve taken challenging college courses and that you’ve acquired strong skills in research and writing. You must submit glowing letters of recommendation. You also must perform well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), a standardized exam that you should take a year or two before you’re to begin law school. That way, if your score does not meet your expectations, you have ample time to try again.

Another important factor in law school admissions is the personal statement. In this essay, the format of which is up to you, you’ll describe your greatest achievements and explain, if indirectly, why you’re an outstanding candidate. Finally, representatives from the schools you’re applying to will interview you. Be prepared for routine as well as offbeat questions. And find ways to demonstrate your knowledge of and enthusiasm for each school during each interview.

How do you actually select a law school? One major factor should be location. If you’d like to attend a public school, it makes sense to choose one located in your home state so you may take advantage of the lower tuition rate for state residents. Another matter to consider is where you want to live after graduating from law school. If you’d like to settle down in, say, Los Angeles, then it helps to attend law school in L.A. That’s because recruiters from L.A. law firms will come to your campus. Plus, you can secure internships in the city, and internships often lead to long-term positions. If, however, you’re accepted to one of the 20 or so highest-rated law schools in the world, you ought to attend that school no matter where it’s located. Its prestige should prove a great boost to your career.

Of course, there are facets besides location that should influence your decision. Seek a large and devoted alumni network. If you have a specific legal concentration in mind — entertainment law, for instance — find a school with an excellent program in that area. It’s wise as well to visit each of your prospective campuses to get a sense of what student life is like.

Above all, research the graduation rates and the median alumni salaries at the law schools to which you apply. The school you ultimately choose should boast comparatively high numbers in both those categories.

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